Webmin FTP backup

Webmin > Servers > MySQL Database Server

Backup Databases button at the bottom

Backup to directory > /backups

Create destination directory? YES

Compression format: NONE

Scheduled backup enabled? YES

Simple > Daily at Midnight


Webmin > System > File System Backup

Add a new backup of directory > /var/www (or your dir that you use)

Host: FTP hosting url

User/Pass: obvious

Set to FTP


Samba setup

Create Users, share drives and folders across the network

Having lots of lovely space on your new server is no good if nothing other than the server itself can see it! So, let's share some drives and folders using Samba so they can be seen by other computers and devices on your network.

Installing Samba

If you've not been following this guide from the start and/or do not have Samba installed then you can install samba in one of two ways: via the gnome desktop or via the Command Line.


Getting Drupal Barracuda from BOA (Barracuda Octopus Aegir) installed on Linode

Barracuda is the main install script and should be run on a totally fresh debian install for best results. You can see the full requirements and features here. It sets up an Aegir master instance that then lets you install further instances of Aegir underneath it using the Octopus script. It doesn’t install any drupal platforms by default and from what I can tell you shouldn’t install any Drupal platforms on it neither if you want to make life easier for yourself further down the road.